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About Our Fashionable Selves…

FaShiOn soHO (SOHO, get it!! *wink wink*) is a collection, critique, and sometimes criticism, of the shopping district below Houston Street.

We’d like to say this site is a compilation of the most unique boutique shopping in one of the most fashionable areas in Manhattan–from high end designers to the more obscure stylists who haven’t yet found their way to the pages of Vogue (for the guys, GQ) or the runways of Fashion Week.

We’ll bring you niche markets including the organic fabric trend and vintage clothiers, as well as the many genres and styles on the streets of NYC. Whether your style be chic-classic, alternative punk, or dare we say it non-existent, you’ll enjoy reading up on the tips and tricks found only in SoHo.

Want to learn to dress for your body type? Find those wardrobe essentials to make your friends squeal with envy? Or finally buy that perfect pair of jeans you saw sauntering down Spring Street but could never find?

Let FaShiOn soHO be your guide to city style!

Alex Green IV

The only!

The only!

Fashion for me began in college (better late than never?), when I moved to New York City from my hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Being stuck in the cold Midwestern air with people who hadn’t heard of much but North Face, Abercrombie & Fitch, and sometimes Express didn’t suit my fancy on the hustle and bustle streets of New York. As I walked down NYC streets, I would see model-esque physiques with their trendy gets strutting from place to place. While it would take me a while to realize what I was missing (or how much I had to learn…outside of the classroom), I began to explore.

I found a world of style, intrigue, and beauty. Fashion isn’t always about wearing the highest-end brands, but to me it is! (haha). There’s a reason that Canal Street is BELOW SoHo. Part of fashion is having an eye for someone who knows how to put things together without labels…a few accent pieces can holdover a shopper on a budget. But, the budget should be pretty high. Sure fashion can be pretty superficial, but isn’t that what makes it so much fun? I mean, when you want to go out…you want to go ALL OUT.

There’s just a certain persona of a fashionista. When you know you look good, you walk like it, you talk like it, and you even pose like it. The camera is definitely your friend…so WORK as the paparazzi clicks the camera to catch your every move. Because remember, you are the centerpiece.

Nicole Turso



Growing up just outside of Manhattan, I’d like to think I’ve always had a certain city style (albeit most of my life has been spent in the suburbs of Queens). Sure, I’ve had a lot of fashion faux-pas, especially as a child of the 80’s, wearing Wizard of Oz-esque ruby slippers (well, red sequined flats) and scrunchies (shudder–don’t act like you’ve never worn them!).

But I can say that I did learn from my fashion mishaps and came into my own stylish self. I like to spend my weekends scowering the city streets for the best deals and bargains. While I definitely enjoy the finer things, I like to enjoy them for less, especially handy on a student’s budget.

My style ranges from funky band t-shirts and converse sneakers to hipster leggings (80s throwback!) and cowboy boots. I’m a style chameleon–so expect my posts to give you the best that money can buy, without making your wallet too light. I’m a firm believer that style is personal, matching is over-rated and fedoras are stupid. I’m also not afraid to go against the grain (I’ll leave the Prada posting to Alex!).

Look for me to give you a more ground-up approach to city fashion, much in the way I learned it.