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April 20th, 2009

Resurrection Vintage

Bring your wardrobe back to life...

Bring your wardrobe back to life...

Set inside of what used to be a Mott Street funeral parlor, Resurrection Vintage has the look of velvety coffin lining with the price tags of a burial to boot.

Founders Katy Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy opened their first Resurrection boutique in 1996 at the site of a 1920’s East Village funeral home keeping some of its distinct features, including an ominous coffin-lifter right outside the front door. The altar was transformed into two dressing rooms decorated with black and white photographs of various burial ceremonies and wakes (whether any of these photos are from that particular parlor, the shop manager is unsure).

Quickly the shop became famous as one of the premiere vintage stores in New York City and a location in SoHo was established.

The location on Mott Street carries designers like Chanel, Versace, Vivianne Westwood, and most famously British designer Ozzie Clark.

Vintage Chanel bags are big sellers...

Vintage Chanel bags are big sellers...

Adding just another eerie touch, Brian Hollingsworth, manager at Resurrection SoHo, explained some of the clothing on sale come from Estate sales, a liquidation of assets of deceased persons.

Clothing also makes its way to Resurrection via private auctions and drop-offs from people looking to unload some of their own designer merchandise.

Hollingsworth characterizes the clothing and accessories on sale at Resurrection as “classic” and “representative of the designers,” and said nearly all of the merchandise on sale is extremely high-end couture.

Designers and stylists are some of the top clientele at Resurrection because of the hefty price tags. Hollingsworth said Patricia Field stops in every now and then, more recently when dressing the stars of HBO’s “Sex and the City”. Chloe Sevigny, Liv Tyler, Gweneth Paltrow and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen also drop in on Resurrection to pick up their vintage duds.

Celebrating the shops 13th Anniversary, the store has marked down prices on 13 of their designers. But don’t expect to get Emilio Pucci on the cheap–regularly priced merchandise ranges from $250 to upwards of $5,000 (and $250 will only get you a belt).

Hollingsworth recognizes the prices are pretty steep, but said the pieces are worth every cent.

“You don’t find a perfectly beaded Versace gown everyday,” he said. “People have worn these clothes and they’re still around and they’re still in good condition.”

“It’s all very deep,” he adds with a laugh.

Resurrection vintage is located at 217 Mott Street and can be reached at 212-625-1374. Make sure to bring deep pockets and lots of plastic!

Some accessories on sale at Resurrection...

Some accessories on sale at Resurrection...

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