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Archive for March, 2009

March 30th, 2009

Only Hearts

Only Hearts

The 30 230 Mott St. location is one of two Only Hearts locations in New York City as it also has an Upper West Side store. Only Hearts is known for women’s innerwear and outwear with pieces that range from handbags and costume jewelry to lingerie and tank tops. It also carries an assortment of dresses, pants, and even some shoes. Only Hearts has a variety of mainstream/”pick up and go” clothing that is perfect for the everyday woman (like a working mom) or for special occasions like an after five event. Also, most of the clothing at Only Hearts can be dressed up or dressed down with the appropriate accessories (handbag, jewelry, and shoes).  The price range is from $50 to $500.

Only Hearts began in 1978 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Columbus Ave. and the original boutique was a virtual temple of hearts. The reason that the store is named Only Hearts is the focus on all things heart-shaped including pendants and plunging necklines that are sensual enough to exude romance and sexuality but tasteful enough not to be tacky or tawdry.

Started by designer Helena Stuart who graduated in from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1969, Only Hearts embodies an inner outerwear concept in its clothing with underwear intimacy yet outerwear formality. The collection “Helena Stuart for Only Hearts” is designed and manufactured in New York City. Stuart is often seen as turning fashion inside out.

Michelle Cummings, 20, is from Seaford, Long Island and has been working at the Mott Street Only Hearts location for 8 months after being an intern with the store previously. Her co-worker Megan says that Only Hearts merchandise is different from that of a department store because it features an eclectic mix of designers like Carmen Ho and Alice McCall. Celebrities like Meg Ryan, Vanessa Carlton, and Hilary Swank shop at Only Hearts and Julienne Moore just bought several cream-colored crepe-de-chine slips as well.

Finding a bargain at Only Hearts is made easier from the sales tent that is located behind the store. Additionally, Only Hearts has two samples sales per year. The “delicious tops” are a hit for at Only Hearts It can be worn as a tank top or as lingerie and they range from $44 to $60.

Only Hearts has an eclectic collection of costume jewelry items including necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

Only Hearts has an eclectic collection of costume jewelry items including necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

This sales tent, located behind the Only Hearts store in SoHo, is a bargain shoppers delight.

This sales tent, located behind the Only Hearts store in SoHo, is a bargain shoppers delight.

Here 2nd year employee Megan talk about some of the most popular items, the sales tent, and what’s it like working at Only Hearts among other things.

March 5th, 2009

Your Complete List of Soho Boutiques

In the spirit of making sure you know where you might be able to find some of the most cutting edge clothing and accessories for whatever your budget may be, Nicole and I have created a spreadsheet of sartorial splendor–all of the clothing shops in and around SoHo.

Please click here to browse the listing. We will update this list as needed and, of course, put a pushpin in the map for every place we feature.

Until next time, enjoy!

March 4th, 2009

The Map of Fabulousness

You might be thinking, “Sure Nicole, you tell us how fantastic SoHo shopping can be, but you don’t show us!”

Well your wish is hear by granted, my fashionable friends.

Alex and I convened and decided to share our shopping adventures via Google map.

Each time we profile a boutique or designer on FaShiOn soHO, we’ll add a short description and push pin on our Map of Fabulousness (I’m sure your mouths are agape in awe!).

True, our map is a little barren, but no need to fear! We’ll be bringing you profiles a plenty in the next few weeks.

You can thank us later. Ciao!

View SoHo Fashion Boutiques in a larger map